Foul Water Wet Well Survey and Repairs.

Manchester Airport drainage system is a complex network of foul water pumping stations serving it's vast infrastructure.  The current drainage model is under capacity and past design flows.  At the heart of the network is a single point of failure outlet station which must remain operational at all times.  Failure of this pumping station would result in the drainage network backing up around site and in the closure of airport resources.

The subsequent pipework and fixings had started to fail due to age and environmental influences.  We were asked to carryout a survey to determine the full extent of damage and produce a report for management viewing to formulate a plan of repair works. 

The challenge was to develop a plan to maintain drainage network operations and carryout the necessary repair/replacement works whilst ensuring the health and safety of all our employees.  To the teams testament not only was this achieved but the resultant outcome has exceeded client expectations with no network impacts during all works.

The works delivered by Massey Coldbeck:

Initial site survey and reporting.

Complete Health and safety management.

Site setup and controls.

Replacement of existing concrete filled gatic wet well and valve chamber access covers for light weight GRP variants.

Replacement of two submersible pumps and lifting chains.

Replacement of pump stools, discharge pipework, Non return valves and isolation valves.

Ultrasonic level monitoring upgrades and system commission.

A page from the report